Senergy’s highly automated solar inverter production equipment and comprehensive quality control management systems have made Senergy’s pv inverter manufacturing site in Shenzhen the ODM base for a number of Japanese and US international brands. Senergy continues its smart and strict way to make its PV inverters that meet its customers’ ultimate satisfaction.

Senergy china inverter factory from Circuit board SMT manufacturing through to the final burn-in tests, our comprehensive vertical industry processing includes dozens of large-scale Panasonic SMD Automatic core slice adhering machines and AI fully-automated horizontal and vertical insertion machines. These, together with industry leading spot welding robots accompanied by CCD automated positioning system for point targeting, have helped guarantee welding quality and efficiency.

Each Senergy branded PV inverter must pass strict and comprehensive hi-pot tests, airtightness tests and ATE function tests in conjunction with hours of burn-in testing to ensure the highest quality.