With over 15 years’ of research and development expertise of its core team, the persistence to explore the latest technology breakthroughs, and the ability to recognize unique needs of every individual market, Senergy has been delivering PV inverters with strong advantages in efficiency, reliability and intelligence. 

The company’s exclusive core patent technology has significantly improved its products’ conversion efficiency in the low light modes. The self-studying feature enhances the inverter’s MPPT adaptability to reach at least 99.8 per cent even when operating under complicated weather conditions. The flexibility to work in the ultra-wide direct-current input voltage range allows our products to operate longer and generate more output.

Senergy takes all measures to ensure the high reliability and safety of its products, including using top international brands for more than 95 per cent of the key components, the dedicated high-level integrated AC/DC lightning protection module, the integrated aluminum die-casting case, the fanless direct-current fuse design, the LED with mobile phone APP display, and the integrated high-precision leakage current detection unit.

Senergy’s products are known for its intelligence and user friendliness, thanks to the company’s own cloud-based monitory system compatible with various systems, including Ethernet, GRPS, WIFI, RS485 and Bluetooth. It allows customers to monitor the operation of PV power station system at any time and from anywhere.