Three Phase SE 17/20/22/25/30KTL-D3/G2

SE 17/20/22/25/30KTL-D3/G2



  • Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
  • Maximum String Current of 15A, compatible with 600W+ modules
  • 150% PV configuration and 110% output overload


  • Die-cast aluminum case, IP66 waterproof and dustproof
  • Optional DC/AC SPD, AFCI detection and C5 anti-corrosion features for added protection
  • Compatible with a wide range of power grid voltage and high harmonic power grid environments


  • Quick commissioning via mobile app
  • Remote configuration and upgrade
  • Power export control supported
Model SE 10KTL-D3/G2P SE 15KTL-D3/G2P SE 17KTL-D3/G2 SE 20KTL-D3/G2 SE 22KTL-D3/G2 SE 25KTL-D3/G2 SE 30KTL-D3/G2
Max. Efficiency 98.3% 98.4%
European Efficiency 97.8% 98.0%
Input (PV)
Max. Input Voltage 1100V
Max. PV Configuration 150%
Rated Input Voltage 620V
Max. Input Current 15A+30A 2*30A
Max. Short Circuit Current 20A+40A 2*40A
Start Input Voltage 180V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 160V-1000V
Max. Number of PV Strings 3(1/2) 4(2/2)
No. of MPPTs 2
Output (Grid)
Rated AC Active Power 10,000W 15,000W 17,000W 20,000W 22,000W 25,000W 30000W
Max. AC Apparent Power 11,000VA 16,500VA 18,700VA 22,000VA 24,200VA 27,500VA 33000VA
Max. AC Active Power (PF=1) 11,000W 16,500W 18,700W 22,000W 24,200W 27,500W 33000W
Max. AC Output Current 3*16.8A 3*25.3A 3*28.6A 3*33.7A 3*37A 3*39.8A 3*50.2A
Rated AC Voltage 380V/400V/415V, 3W+N+PE
AC Voltage Range 260V-510V (Adjustable)
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Frequency Range 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz (Adjustable)
THDI <3%@Rated Power
DC Current Injection <0.5%@Rated Current
Power Factor > 0.99 Rated power (Adjustable 0.8 LD – 0.8 LG)
DC Switch Support
Anti-islanding Protection Support
AC Overcurrent Protection Support
AC Short Circuit Protection Support
DC Reverse Connection Support
Surge Arrester AC Type III (Type II optional) / DC Type III (Type II optional)
Insulation Detection Support
Leakage Current Protection Support
Topology Transformerless
IP Rating IP66
Night Self Consumption <1W
Cooling Natural cooling Fan cooling
Operating Temperature Range -25℃-60℃
Relative Humidity Range 0-100%
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m
Noise <45dB
Dimensions (W*H*D) 398mm*460mm*190mm
Weight 18Kg 20kg
Display Wireless & APP+LED, LCD (Optional)
Communication RS485, Optional:WiFi/GPRS/4G/LAN
Safety IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2
Grid Code VDE-AR-N 4105, EN 50549-1, CEI 0-21, UNE 206006/206007-1, RD 1699/661&413 ,IEC 61727/62116, AS4777.2
Warranty 5 Years