Single Phase SE 7/8/10KTL-D1P

SE 7/8/10KTL-D1P



  • Maximum efficiency of 98.2%
  • String current of 20A, compatible with high power modules
  • 150% PV configuration and 110% output overload


  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof
  • Compatible with a wide range of power grid voltage and high harmonic power grid environments
  • Optional DC/AC SPD, AFCI detection and C5 anti-corrosion features for added protection


  • Remote configuration and upgrade
  • Power export control supported

Since the Senergy Power Optimiser handles maximum power point tracking and voltage management separately for each solar module, the single-phase inverter is only responsible for the DC to AC inversion. It is therefore a simpler, more cost-efficient and more reliable solar inverter. The fixed string voltage ensures that operation is always at maximum efficiency, independent of string length and temperature.

In addition to its function as a DC-optimised PV inverter, the single-phase inverter also manages the battery and system energy as part of the Senergy home solution.

Versatile and intelligent hybrid inverter for continuous power supply using solar, AC and battery power. This is a simple and intelligent solar inverter with an energy storage system for homeowners who want to store energy in batteries for night-time use or for their own use on demand. It will automatically consume the reserved power from the batteries at night or during power outages. This hybrid PV system will reduce dependence on the utility.

Max. Efficiency 98.2% 98.2% 98.2%
European Efficiency 97.4% 97.5% 97.6%
Input (PV)
Max. Input Voltage 550V
Max. PV Configuration (STC) 150%
Rated Input Voltage 360V
Max. Input Current 40A (2*20A) 50A (2*15A+20A)
Max. Short Circuit Current 52A (2*26A) 66A (2*20A+26A)
Start Input Voltage 90V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 70V-540V
Max. Number of PV Strings 2(1/1) 3(2/1)
No. of MPPTs 2
Output (Grid)
Rated AC Active Power 7,000W 8,000W 10,000W
Max. AC Apparent Power 7,700VA 8,800VA 10,000VA
Max. AC Active Power (PF=1) 7,700W 8,800W 10,000W
Max. AC Output Current 35A 40A 45.5A
Rated AC Voltage 220V/230V, L+N+PE
AC Voltage Range① 160V-300V (Adjustable)
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Frequency Range② 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz (Adjustable)
THDI <3% (Rated Power)
DC Current Injection <0.5%ln
Power Factor > 0.99 Rated power (Adjustable 0.8 LD – 0.8 LG)
DC switch Support
Anti-islanding Protection Support
AC Overcurrent Protection Support
AC Short Circuit Protection Support
DC Reverse Connection Support
Surge Arrester DC Type III (Optional) / AC Type III
Insulation Detection Support
Leakage Current Protection Support
Topology Transformerless
IP Rating IP65
Night Self Consumption <1W
Cooling Natural cooling
Operating Temperature Range -25℃-60℃
Relative Humidity Range 0-100%
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m
Noise(typical) 30dB
Dimensions (W*H*D) 400mm*450mm*170mm
Weight 16Kg
Display Wireless & APP+LED, LCD (Optional)
Communication Optional: WiFi/GPRS/RS485/LAN
Safety IEC 62109-1, IEC 62109-2
Grid Code DE-AR-N 4105, EN 50549-1, CEI 0-21, UNE 206001/206002-1, IEC 61727/62116,

ORDINANCE n°140 2022, IEEE 1547, UL 1741, AS 4777, VDE 0126-1

Warranty 5 Years

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