Three Phase SE 5/6/8/10KHB-D3

SE 5/6/8/10KHB-D3


  • Max efficiency 98.4%, Battery efficiency 98%
  • Max. Charge/Discharge Current 50A
  • Reasonable energy control to increase the proportion of  spontaneous use
  • With BMS system to ensure high battery life
  • Natural cooling design
  • Compatible with lead-acid batteries and lithium battery energy storage systems
  • Remote configuration and upgrade
Model SE 5KHB-D3 SE 6KHB- D3 SE 8KHB- D3 SE 10KHB- D3
Max. efficiency (PV to AC) 98.2% 98.2% 98.4% 98.4%
Eur. efficiency (PV to AC) 97.2% 97.2% 97.9% 97.9%
Max. efficiency (BAT) 98.0%
Input (PV)
Max. PV Power 8000W 9000W 12000W 15000W
Max. PV voltage 1000V
Max. input current (input A/input B) 15A/15A 15A/15A 20A/30A 20A/30A
Max. short current (input A/input B) 20A/20A 30A/40A
MPPT voltage range 160V-950V
No.of MPPT trackers 2
String per MPP tracker 1+1 1+2
Input (BAT)
Compatible battery type Lithium-ion/Lead-acid
Nominal battery voltage 200V-600V
Battery voltage range 150V-600V
Max. charge/discharge current 25A/25A 25A/25A 50A/50A 50A/50A
Max. charge/discharge power 8000W/5200W 9000W/6300W 12000W/10500W 15000W/10500W
Lithium battery charge curve Self-adaption to BMS
Output (Grid)
Nominal AC output power 5000W 6000W 8000W 10000W
Max. AC output apparent power 5500VA 6600VA 8800VA 10000VA
Max.AC output power (PF=1) 5500W 6600W 8800W 10000W
Max. AC output current 3*8.3A 3*10A 3*13.3A 3*15.2A
Rated AC voltage 380V/400V
AC voltage range 277V-520V (Adjustable)
Rated grid frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC frequency range 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz (Adjustable)
Grid connecion Three phase
Power factor >0.99 @rated power (Adjustable 0.8 LD – 0.8 LG)
THDI <3% (Rated Power)
Output (Back up)
Nominal output voltage 380V/400V
Nominal output frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Nominal output power 5000W 6000W 8000W 10000W
Nominal output current 3*7.6A 3*9.1A 3*12.2A 3*15.2A
Transfer time 10ms (typ) / 20ms (max)
THDV <3 (R Load), 5 (RCD Load)
Anti-islanding protection Support
AC overcurrent protection Support
AC short circuit protection Support
AC over-voltage protection Support
Surge Arrester DC Type Ⅱ, AC Type Ⅱ
Insulation detection Support
GFCI Support
AFCI Optional
RSD Optional
Max. operation altitude 4000m
Noise emission 30dB
Ingress protection degree IP65
Operating temperature range -25℃~45℃
Relative humidity 0~100%
Cooling concept Natural Cooling
Mounting Wall bracket
Dimensions (W*H*D) 530mm*550mm*212mm
Weight 26 Kg 29Kg
PV connection way MC4/H4
Battery connection way Dedicated DC connector
Display LED+APP (Bluetooth)
Communication interface BMS (CAN/RS485), WiFi/GPRS/4G/Ethernet (Optional), DI (DRM/RCR)/Meter (RS485), 1*DO, USB (Firmware upgrade)
Grid IEC 61727/62116, EN 50549-1, VDE 4105, AS 4777, CEI 0-21, G99,C10/11,NTS 097,RD627/NTS
Safety IEC 62109-1&2, IEC 62040-1, IEC 62477-1
Warranty 5 Years/10 Years (Optional)