Senergy Expands Green Horizons at Intersolar North America 2024

San Diego, USA, January 21, 2024 — Senergy, the innovative solar inverter and energy storage ODM service provider from Asia, unveiled its latest solar inverters at the Intersolar North America 2024, held in San Diego from January 17 to 19. In this influential solar and energy storage event, Senergy’s new SE 5-10kW UL product line garnered high interest among industry professionals with its optimal performance, enhanced aesthetics and tailored functionalities designed to align with local requirements. The adaptability across multiple use scenarios makes Senergy’s product a reliable and efficient solution for diverse power generation setups.

“The United States is a major player in solar energy, with widespread adoption of solar power across residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy. “We are proud to be part of this green energy transformation, leveraging our decades-long expertise in inverter R&D and expanded manufacturing capacity, and we will further broaden our presence in this dynamic region to serve evolving needs in collaboration with our strategic partners.”

In a complex and interconnected electricity network, inverter plays a crucial role in integrating renewable energy sources into the grid to match the system’s requirements. As a leading ODM service provider, Senergy always places great importance on local market needs and user-specific experience. This year, the spotlight is on the SE 5-10kW UL, proven to be the company’s most sought-after product line in the North America market, thanks to its outstanding power yield rate and reliable performance. Built upon Senergy’s robust R&D capabilities, this inverter series is designed with up to 200% PV oversizing, ensuring optimal utilization of solar resources. The inclusion of 3 MPPTs and a maximum of 30A PV input current further enhances the efficiency of harnessing solar energy.

Given the prevalence of farms in the U.S., Senergy’s new products have been enhanced for higher scalability, allowing split-phase parallel connections of up to nine units.  Its microgrid support facilitates grid-independent operation, supporting various applications including three-phase configurations. This inverter series delivers continuous power at 110% of nominal AC power when connected to the grid and supports multiple voltage connections, including 120/240V and 120V/208V, offering flexibility in system configurations of the United States. Notably, the SE 5-10kW UL supports a battery voltage range of 40-64Vdc, accommodating both lithium and lead-acid batteries and featuring closed-loop communication compatibility for lithium batteries. These enhancements significantly boost power generation output and efficiency, ensuring seamless integration with cutting-edge storage solutions and making them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial setups.

In addition, Senergy incorporates smart technologies to boost efficiency and reliability, such as built-in arc fault detection (AFCI), rapid shutdown transmitter (RSD), and other intelligent management designs. With a swift transition time of just 10 milliseconds, Senergy’s inverter provides seamless backup operation during power outages. Supporting 110% phase unbalanced output, it adapts to diverse electrical environments, offering versatility across multiple use scenarios, whether connecting with a generator, string inverter, or smart loads.

Engineered with robust performance and reliability, Senergy’s products have been UL 9540 & UL 1741 certified, ensuring the stringent safety standards in energy storage and compatibility with the power grid. The products have also received CEC certification issued by California Energy Commission, recognizing Senergy products for the high performance and safety features.

In response to the evolving needs of the energy transition landscape, Senergy is committed to accelerating its business ambitions. As part of its strategic approach to the American market, the company has launched a dedicated web portal ( featuring detailed product introductions, ODM/OEM service information, videos & guide, and contact information to connect with the company’s sales and technical support team. This one-stop platform addresses local demands and provides an enhanced customer experience.

The escalating demand for clean and sustainable energy, driven by increasing concern about harmful greenhouse gas emissions, has significantly boosted the demand for inverters, leading to rapid growth in North America. Senergy’s participation in Intersolar North America 2024, a premier event dedicated to accelerating the energy transition, brings the company into close proximity with its local customers, partners and industry stakeholders, fostering valuable networking and experience sharing. Amidst 9,000+ energy leaders and 500+ exhibitors, Senergy is unwaveringly committed to expanding its footprint in green energy. With the expanded manufacturing capacity in Shenzhen and Taipei of up to 10GW, the company is poised to deliver more innovative solar inverters and solutions to users worldwide, contributing to the global shift towards a cleaner and more sustainable energy landscape. In the upcoming Solar & Storage LIVE USA 2024, scheduled from April 10 to 11 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Senergy is set to unveil more cutting-edge products and solutions, empowering an even larger audience toward a greener future.

About Senergy
Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a leading high-tech solar energy company, specializing in ODM service for PV grid-tied and hybrid inverters. Empowered by the parent company’s 35 years of expertise in electronic power industry, Senergy has garnered 20 years of dedicated experience in inverter R&D and manufacturing. Its products find a wide range of applications across residential, industrial & commercial, large-scale ground stations and energy storage power stations worldwide. With an expanded manufacturing capacity reaching10GW, Senergy is equipped with enhanced R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge inverter products and solutions to meet the dynamic needs of the evolving energy landscape.