Senergy’s Presence at Two Major Exhibitions Spearheads the PV Industry with Cutting-Edge Manufacturing

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Senergy), a pioneering ODM service provider specializing in PV inverters and energy storage solutions, captured the spotlight at the Intersolar South America Sao Paulo 2023 and the 2nd EESA China International Energy Storage Exhibition, held from August 29 to September 1. During these two major events, Senergy attracted both local and international visitors with its innovative solar products and world-class manufacturing capabilities. The company’s active participation underscores its steadfast commitment to pursuing ambitious business goals in collaboration with brand partners worldwide.

Empower brands at the industry forefront through solar and energy storage integration solutions

Whether at the EESA China International Energy Storage Exhibition or the Intersolar South America, the bustling scenes bear witness to the global PV industry’s surging momentum. According to data from the National Energy Administration, PV solar energy has officially claimed its spot as China’s second largest installed power source. Meanwhile, countries, such as Brazil, the United States, and India, along with European nations including Germany and Spain, are actively contributing to the thriving PV industry, driven by the booming installation rates.  In this vibrant landscape, inverters, serving as the “beating heart” of solar power stations, are experiencing a golden era.

The PV energy storage inverter industry is in the midst of a significant boom, with a growing number of companies establishing their presence in this dynamic sector. For top-tier bands striving to maintain a competitive edge, a keen focus on critical factors such as cutting-edge technology, exceptional quality, streamlined supply chain management, punctual delivery, and comprehensive cost control is imperative. Senergy, backed by 35 years of ODM management experience in power electronic products, emerges as a standout player with its robust R&D expertise and manufacturing capacity, boasting an annual output that has surpassed the 10GW milestone. Fueling this success is a dedicated team of over 300 engineers who are always at the forefront of technological advancements and process innovations in the industry. Senergy’s dedication to customized development further solidifies its position as a leader, empowering brand partners to excel in this thriving landscape.

Unlock success with pioneering technology and reliable quality

During Intersolar South America held in Brazil, Senergy showcased its impressive range of SE 2-125kW on-grid PV inverters. Notably, the event marked the official launch of the SE 30-50kW series, tailor-made for industrial applications. The innovative series has undergone significant enhancements across various facets, encompassing augmented power output, heightened adaptability to challenging environmental conditions, bolstered safety features, and more intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. Senergy provides exceptional technical support to empower brand partners in expanding the application boundaries.

  • To address concerns related to electricity supply for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial power stations, and cater to their demand for high-power PV systems, the SE 30-50kW series products are compatible with 180mm and 210mm high-power modules, ensuring nighttime power supply capability. Additionally, the 30kW products adopt a fanless design, creating a noise-free working environment. The products also enable users to achieve emergency backup power, ensure uninterrupted operations, and reduce energy expenditures.
  • Rooftops and various other sites are the main battlefield for industrial and commercial PV power plants, while the harsh outdoor conditions pose operational challenges for equipment. The SE 30-50kW series products elevate the protection level to IP66, offering exceptional features like intrusion resistance, heavy rain protection, and dustproof capabilities. These advancements significantly prolong the equipment lifespan. Furthermore, the products feature built-in secondary lightning protection, and optional AFCI DC arc protection, to eliminate the risk of fire caused by arc faults, ensuring enduring safety and reliable operation.
  • The intelligent operation and maintenance system is the foundation of safe operation for PV power plants. The SE 30-50kW series enhances software innovation, enabling 24-hour online monitoring and swift fault identification and localization through intelligent diagnosis. The products boast an integrated PID function module, allowing for off-grid recovery, remote control and upgrade functions for comprehensive management, thereby effectively reducing maintenance losses caused by faults.

Transform solar into efficient energy storage

As the price difference between peak and off-peak electricity rates continues to widen, the economic viability of industrial and commercial energy storage has been highlighted. Businesses are showing growing concern about the reliability of renewable energy sources and the demand for independent energy storage solutions has surged. During the 2nd China International Energy Storage Exhibition, Senergy’s SE 12-30kW energy storage inverters designed for small-scale industrial and commercial applications garnered significant attention from various brands. The strong appeal lies in their exceptional product performance, robust manufacturing processes, and cutting-edge hardware and software configurations.

  • The SE 12-30kW energy storage inverters are capable of handling up to 200% module overloading on the PV side, with a maximum support of 30A current. This enables the establishment of commercial energy storage systems with up to nine parallel units. With advanced remote management, users can conveniently track and monitor PV and battery power, load power and grid power. This functionality contributes to enhancing power generation and reducing electricity costs, especially benefiting small-sized industrial businesses.
  • The SE 12-30kW series features 3-channel MPPT controllers, empowering them to directly store high-voltage DC power from systems ranging between 120-800V into either lead-acid or lithium battery packs. With the capacity to handle charging and discharging currents of up to 100A, the series facilitates the power transfer from the battery to the inverter, a functionality that operates during even nighttime. This ensures a continuous supply of clean energy for lighting, charging stations, and various other loads in small-scale industrial and commercial parks.
  • The extensive use of independent new energy storage places greater demands on various performance indicators. The SE 12-30kW series can continuously operate under 110% overload current conditions. It supports 150% backup load output at the grid-connected end and provides 150% three-phase unbalanced output for both on-grid and off-grid operations, safeguarding equipment from potential damage caused by the resetting and restarting of commonly used loads.
  • The SE 12-30kW series is equipped with optional AFCI, which effectively ensures the safety of both people and property. With an IP66 high protection rating, the series guarantees reliable operation throughout its lifecycle. The 20kW model features a fanless design, delivering a noise-free experience, making it the top choice for a green power solution at home.

Unlock the full potential of green household electricity efficiency

The household energy storage market exhibits distinct consumer-oriented attributes. Factors such as safety, appearance, and ease of installation all influence the user’s final choice. Consequently, there are elevated expectations for ODM manufacturers in terms of technological innovation, product design and market insights. During the International Energy Storage Exhibition, Senergy put on display its SE 3-6kW high-voltage single-phase energy storage inverter, designed to emulate household appliances. This innovative product assists brands in building a differentiated product system, facilitating the infusion of more solar power into various scenarios, including communities, regions and cities.

  • The SE 3-6kW high-voltage series products feature a simple and sleek design, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. They are designed with the trend of integrated module applications in mind, resulting in a more compact structure. Users can easily configure and install them to suit their preferences.
  • The PV single-channel input power is 6kW, with support for up to 12 kW for the entire system. This allows it to simultaneously power a 6kW load and charge a 6kW battery bank, increasing solar energy utilization and providing power backup. The product also features an increased string current of 16A, ensuring compatibility with various high-efficiency PV modules and enhancing overall system yields.
  • The backup port is engineered to support up to 12kW output for the entire household and establishes a connection with the generator through a dry contact signal. In the event of a grid outage, the household inverter remains capable of delivering uninterrupted and stable power supply to essential home loads.
  • The series supports multiple units to form a microgrid and can be configured and managed remotely through software settings, meeting the diverse needs of different users such as border defense, islands and mobile monitoring stations.
  • Amidst the global energy transformation, the PV inverter industry is undergoing a remarkable boom. As a trailblazing ODM service provider specializing in PV inverters and energy storage solutions, Senergy boasts profound expertise in intelligent hardware research and development, industry-leading software development, and advanced manufacturing capabilities. Its innovative technologies are continuously gaining ground in the ODM sector. Looking ahead, Senergy remains committed to expediting the introduction of new PV products and energy storage solutions. Anchored firmly in a collaborative and mutually beneficial PV ecosystem model, Senergy is on a mission to empower brands to unlock even greater potential in the global market.

About Senergy

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD). As a national high-tech company, Senergy specializes in pioneering solutions for PV power generation, energy storage, and smart energy systems. Located in Shenzhen, Senergy’s manufacturing site is equipped with highly automated manufacturing equipment, positioning it at the forefront of the industry in terms of production capacity and capabilities. Senergy offers versatile collaboration approaches and swift customization services. Its extensive product portfolio is distributed in over 50 countries worldwide, catering to diverse scenarios, including residential, commercial, large-scale ground-mounted solar power plants, and various types of energy storage stations. With a dedicated focus on innovative R&D, backed by 35 years of experience in power electronic products management and 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy is committed to providing highly competitive and value-added products and services, striving to make clean energy accessible to all.

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