Spearheading Green Energy Evolution Senergy’s Next-Generation Solar Inverters at ENEX 2024 (Poland) and Solar Power Africa 2024 (South Africa)

Solar energy is rapidly emerging as the preferred choice for electrification in Poland and South Africa, experiencing a modern surge fueled by technological advancements. As a leading solar inverter and energy storage solution ODM supplier, Senergy continues its ambitious growth deployment in these markets by participating in two important renewable energy exhibition events: Energy ENEX 2024 in Poland and Solar Power Africa 2024 in South Africa, both of which scheduled to open on February 7, 2024.


South Africa boasts conducive conditions for solar energy generation, with abundant sunlight throughout the year. While Poland has a moderate solar resource, the government has been increasing its investment in solar energy infrastructure and projects driven by the competitive costs associated with solar energy. The South African government has also demonstrated strong commitment to promoting renewable energy which has spurred significant growth in solar energy adoption in recent years.


“Poland and South Africa are two critical solar markets with immense potential. We have been ramping up our collaboration with local partners to deliver more cost-effective and high-performance grid-tied PV inverters and hybrid inverters, addressing evolving demands and contributing to the decarbonization efforts,” said Lisa Ren, General Manager of Senergy.




According to research institutes, Poland is projected to more than double its installed PV capacity between 2023 and 2025, with the most remarkable growth anticipated in the segment of large-scale farms and commercial applications. In response to this dynamic market, Senergy showcased its cutting-edge PV inverters and innovative energy storage solutions during ENEX 2024, featuring the three-phase grid-tied PV inverters SE 10-30kW & SE 30-50kW, and the three-phase hybrid inverters SE 5-10kW & SE 12-30kW, all of which are tailored to meet market needs with innovative features.


On Grid Inverter SE 50Kw & Hybrid Inverter SE 30kW


Senergy’s three-phase grid-tied SE 30-50kW series is the highlight, introducing innovative features that keep abreast with emerging trends. Its large string current is compatible with high-power solar modules such as 182 and 210, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. The fanless design creates a tranquil operating environment, free from disruptive noise. Compact yet powerful, the new series comes equipped with built-in PID recovery, string current monitoring, and IV curve scanning capabilities, enabling early detection of issues and intelligent diagnosis. With 24/7 online monitoring and remote management capabilities, users can optimize their solar setup with maximum performance and yield. The SE 30-50kW also offers DC/AC Type II SPD for protection against lightning-induced surges, providing peace of mind in unpredictable conditions. Additionally, users have the option to select AFCI function to detect and mitigate arc faults for enhanced safety and reliability.


As with many other European countries, Poland has experienced significant growth in rooftop installations, which now accounts for almost 70% of the market. With governmental policies focusing on decarbonization and renewable energy transition, there is a rising trend toward investing in large and media-scale PV power stations for cost-effectiveness. Senergy’s SE 30-50kW aligns perfectly with local market needs and has secured regulatory certifications across multiple European countries, including Poland, underscoring its adaptability and reliability. Compliance with European regulations solidifies Senergy’s position as a reliable and forward-thinking solution for the evolving energy landscape.


On Grid Inverter SE 10Kw & Hybrid Inverter SE 10kW


With the continued efforts to promote solar power, the expansion of the solar industry is expected to drive demand for integrated solutions for electricity generation and storage. Senergy’s three-phase hybrid inverter SE 5-10kW emerges as a cutting-edge solution to address these involving needs. Efficiency in charging and discharging in a hybrid inverter is crucial for optimizing the overall performance of a solar-plus-storage system, and Senergy’s high-voltage hybrid inverter significantly enhances this efficiency. Designed with three-phase imbalance load-bearing capacity, it caters to residential users with three-phase electrical systems in Europe, facilitating self-consumption. Poised to play a pivotal role in advancing the transition to sustainable and resilient energy systems, the SE 5-10kW embodies Senergy’s dedication to innovation and environmental stewardship, both in Poland and across Europe.


Solar Power Africa 2024, South Africa


South Africa has grappled with rolling blackouts due to problems with aging coal power plants that provide most of the country’s electricity supply. In response, companies and citizens are taking matters into their own hands, leading to a surge in rooftop solar installations nationwide. With abundant solar energy resources and high levels of solar radiation across the country, solar power presents a promising solution for reducing emissions and expanding electricity access without the need for costly grid connections.



During Solar Power Africa 2024 held in Cape Town from February 7 to 9, Senergy presented a wide array of hybrid inverters, including the single-phase SE 3.6-6kW, single-phase SE 8-10kW, and three-phase SE 12-30kW, tailored to meet the specific needs of the local market.


Hybrid Inverter SE 30kW


Amidst South Africa’s unreliable power supply challenges, the SE 12-30kW three-phase energy storage device emerges as a robust solution, offering resilience, reliability, and sustainability in power provision. With its high-power capacity and robust off-grid overload capacity, the hybrid inverter is a go-to choice for large residential rooftops and small-scale commercial applications. The maximum battery charge and discharge current reaches up to 2*75A, coupled with a wide-range MPPT feature, making it well-suited to meet the backup power requirements of the South African market. In addition, the inverter supports generator integration, further enhancing its suitability for backup power needs in the region.


As the premier renewable energy exhibitions in Poland and South Africa, both ENEX and Solar Power Africa serve as pivotal platforms for companies dedicated to renewable energy to present cutting-edge power equipment and technologies. These events witness the unveiling of new innovations and solutions aimed at advancing the renewable energy field. In the next two months, Senergy will continue to bring its state-of-the-art solar inverters and innovative solutions at the Canton Fair, World Future Energy Summit (WFES SOLAR), and Solar & Storage LIVE USA, demonstrating its steadfast commitment to driving the transition towards green energy and carbon neutrality around the world, and contributing to the global sustainability agenda.




About Senergy
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