Commercial Inverter


SE 10/15KTL-D3/G2P

SE 17/20/22/25/30KTL-D3/G2

SE 30/40KTL-T3/G2, SE 50KTL-Q3/G2

SE 60KTL-Q3/G2

SE 100/110KTL-M3, SE 125KTL-MH3

Senergy inverter for commercial use include 10~125 KW series. They can be applied to commercial and industrial power stations, suburban and large ground power stations. In response to the demand of increasing PV module current, Senergy upgraded the string current of all inverters to make sure the products can flawlessly adapt to 500W/600W+ high power module applications.

Inverters for commercial and industrial photovoltaics and battery storage

Saving energy costs and reducing CO2 emissions are important issues for businesses. Three effective ways of increasing energy efficiency are: producing and consuming renewable energy with low-maintenance solar PV plants – integrating battery storage systems, e.g. to perform peaking – and reducing the need for expensive reactive power. Senergy new energy offers suitable inverters for all these measures.

Inverter for commercial use play a vital role in sustainable energy projects. Large solar, wind and battery storage installations use direct current (DC), while office buildings, warehouses and factories use alternating current (AC). Inverters convert DC power into AC power for use by customers. Commercial inverters have the characteristics and technical requirements to handle large energy projects.

Although these powerful solar and battery inverters can still be considered “grid-tied”, they are not suitable for typical domestic installations.

Why choose us

Senergy, as a subsidiary of Taiwan’s APD, specializes in grid-connected PV and energy storage inverter products and solutions, providing flexible and diverse ODM cooperation and supporting rapid customization services. The company has 30 years of experience in power electronics management and 15 years of experience in PV inverter research and development, and its products are suitable for household, industrial and commercial use, large ground power plants and various types of energy storage power plant scenarios.

At present, we have factories in Shenzhen and Taiwan, and the management of our factories in Taiwan has a good reputation worldwide. The refined management and quality control of our factories in Taiwan can ensure better quality and higher reliability of our inverters. Also, in the near future, our capacity will be reached 10GW after Pingshan factory established.

We have two R&D centres in Taiwan and China, with a 120+ person R&D team. Our excellent R&D capability allows us to design products with a good balance of good quality and competitive cost, so that we can provide our customers with very competitive products.

The main difference between Senergy and other Chinese inverter manufacturers is that our operations are based on ODM/OEM business. We offer a professional ODM business model, which allows us to deeply understand the demands and concerns of our ODM customers, but also protects the commercial secrets and business interests of our partners and does not conflict with the commercial interests of our customers due to our own brands.


  • Maximum efficiency  99.0%
  • String current 20A , compatible with high power modules
  • 150% PV configuration , 110% output overload
  • APP for local settings & display
  • Remote configuration and upgrade
  • Supports export control


  • Simple surge protection
  • DC combiners protect against AC lines on the roof
  • Lean solution for grid and system protection
  • Compact reactive power inverters for new and existing plants

Pre-sales and after-sales service

  • Planning and design have a fundamental influence on the operating conditions of your solar power plant: on request, our experts will help you find the optimum system layout.
  • High-quality, practical training courses give you an in-depth knowledge of our products. We provide regular product and after-sales training for our partners, as well as the necessary spare parts to help them build up the appropriate after-sales service capabilities.
  • We also offer remote assistance or other after-sales solutions according to the actual situation