Solar Inverter Manufacturer in China

About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech PV and solar inverter manufacturer in China with strong innovation power from our world-class R&D team, outstanding supply chain and manufacturing capability supported by our parent company Asia Power Devices Inc.(APD).

We are committed to providing our customers with newest technologies, highest quality and first class service experience.

About APD

Senergy’s parent company, Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a prestigious global designer and manufacturer of power electronic products. The company’s sales revenues reached about US $350 million in 2021. APD is the global market leader with broad recognition in the industries of network communications, printers and external power adapters for storage equipment. With its market share at the forefront in Taiwan, APD’s PrimeVOLT PV inverter has been sold remarkably well in Europe and the US for more than a decade.

About Manufacture

We believe quality is more than making a good product. From PCBA manufacturing to burn-in tests, highly-automated production equipment to flexible production lines, our manufacturing facilities in both Taipei and Shenzhen are fully equipped to produce the best quality products. We measure our work against high standards, such as ISO 13485 for medical equipment level quality system and the comprehensive QC and GP system, throughout product development and production processes to ensure our products not only cater for our customers’ specific needs but also meet the industry’s highest standards.

About Qualification

Senergy is a solar inverter manufacturer in China has been abiding by industry regulations, pursuing excellent quality, precise and rapid R&D and manufacturing, and timely and considerate service to win customer satisfaction and trust.  Through the acquisition of multi-party system certification certificates, the foundation for providing customers with stable products and services has been strengthened. We have partnership laboratories such as TUV and BU, which are well-known international testing institutions. At the same time, we have product qualification certificates that meet local standards in Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Europe and other regions. 

Our Team

Empowered by the top-notch research talents led by experienced industry experts, a group accounting for 70% of the company’s staff, our dual research centers located in Taipei and Shenzhen respectively focus on developing cutting-edge technology for DFMEA & PFMEA-guaranteed product reliability. With a solid experience in industrial design, our R&D team has been actively developing various world-leading products and technologies of innovation in order to offer customers more effective and energy-efficient solutions, demonstrating a competitiveness the group is proud of.

Company Vision

Become the technology and market leader in the new energy industry through continuous innovation, distinctive and highly competitive products and services.



when our customers succeed, we succeed.