The Capacity of Senergy String Grid Tie Inverter Grew against the Trend in 2020!

It was learnt recently that the capacity of Senergy string grid tie inverter grew up to 2GW against the Trend in 2020 and is expected to keep growing rapidly. Undoubtedly, behind the capacity is the business growth logic based on products and technology, which makes the industry have to pay more attention to product research and market development of Senergy.
Senergy not only passed the national annual inspection of photovoltaic inverter, but also won 2 industry awards, participated in 1 major exhibition, launched 3 products and solutions in 2020, which fully displayed the vitality of brand even during the epidemic!

Milestone of Senergy in 2020
Passed the national annual inspection of photovoltaic inverter in March

Launched industrial and commercial anti-reflux system solution in August
Launched SE series energy storage inverter and “photovoltaic+ energy storage” system solution in August

Certified as the “National Hi-Tech Enterprise” in November
Set a record in sales with 100% sales increase thanks for the recovery of global solar industry in Dec

Exhibition activities of Senergy in 2020
Made a stage pose in Shanghai SNEC 2020 in August

Qualification honors of Senergy in 2020
Rated as “2019 ‘Light Energy Cup’ most influential inverter enterprise” in April
Rated as “2020 ‘North Star Cup’ influential photovoltaic inverter brand” in October

“By the end of this year, Senergy photovoltaic inverter products and relevant businesses have covered nearly 15 countries and regions such as Chinese mainland, Taiwan, South Africa, Africa, the Middle East, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Australia, Brazil and Tunisia”, sales director of Senergy said. Obviously, Senergy will further expand its businesses scope.

Take the latest SE series energy storage inverter and “photovoltaic + energy storage” system solution and industrial and commercial power limit system solution for example, Senergy’s strategic intention of entering the storage market has been evident, and meanwhile with the increasing difficulty in manual operation during the epidemic, Senergy is expected to further expand in the field of photovoltaic intelligent operation and maintenance.
As a major competitive product of intelligent operation and maintenance, the photovoltaic intelligent cloud system has been widely used in various inverter product series of brand, including the latest SE series energy storage inverter; while the layout of “photovoltaic + energy storage + intelligent operation and maintenance” creates a broader imaginary space. Based on this, Senergy is becoming a noticeable brand power in the global photovoltaic market as well as a major participant and contributor to global photovoltaic inverter technology evolution.

Company Profile

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company focused on PV inverter research and development, Solar inverter production, sales and services. Relying on the strong supply chain and solar inverter manufacturing capability of our parent company, Asian Power Devices Inc . (APD), we have also attracted top PV inverter R & D talent from home and abroad, and assembled senior marketing, product and sales teams who live by the corporate spirit of “Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation and Win-Win”. From our base in Shenzhen, we serve markets across China and around the world export Inverter. Empowered by the highly automated production equipment, our Shenzhen manufacturing base has the leading production capabilities and capacity in the industry and has been granted with the title of “National High-Tech Enterprise” as an Inverter Manufacturer.

Senergy’s parent company, Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a prestigious global designer and manufacturer of power electronic products. The company’s sales revenues reached about US $ 300 million in 2020. APD is the global market leader with broad recognition in the industries of network communications, printers and external power adapters for storage equipment. With its market share at the forefront in Taiwan, APD’s PrimeVOLT PV inverter has been sold remarkably well in Europe and the US for more than a decade.
With 30 years of experience in power electronic products management and 15 years of expertise in Solar inverter development and manufacturing.

We offer energy storage inverters, 1-6kW single phase on-grid solar inverters, and 6-60kW three phase on-grid solar inverter. Its products can be applied in residential, commercial and industrial power stations, suburban and large ground-mounted power stations, as well as various energy storage power stations.

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