SE 100/110/125KTL-M3

SE 100/110/125KTL-M3



Maximum efficiency of 98.8%

Large string current, compatible with large PV modules

9 MPPT, fuse-free design technology


IP66 protection level for outdoor installation

Replaceable DC/AC Type Il SPD

Optional: AFCl, Night SVG, I/V detection, and integrated PID


Power consumption monitoring

Remote configuration and upgrade

Quick commissioning via mobile app

String level current detection

Model SE 100KTL-M3 SE 110KTL-M3 SE 125KTL-M3
Max. Efficiency 98.5% 98.6% 98.8%
European Efficiency 98.0% 98.2% 98.2%
Input (PV)
Max. Input Voltage 1100V
Max. PV Configuration 150%
Rated Input Voltage 620V
Max. Input Current 5*32A/3*40 6*32A/3*40A
Max. Short Circuit Current 5*45A/3*50A 6*45A/3*50A
Start Input Voltage/ Min. Operating Voltage 250V/200V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 200V-1000V
Max. Number of PV Strings 8*2 9*2
No. of MPPTs 8 9
Output (Grid)
Rated AC Active Power 100,000W 110,000W 125,000W
Max. AC Apparent Power 111,000VA 123,000VA 139,000VA
Max. AC Output Current 3*168.8A 3*187A 3*181A
Rated AC Voltage 300V/400V, 3W+N+PE
AC Voltage Range* 320V-520V (Adjustable)
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Frequency Range** 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz (Adjustable)
THDI <3% (Rated Power)
DC Current Injection <0.5%In
Power Factor > 0.99 Rated power (Adjustable 0.8 LD – 0.8 LG)
DC Switch Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
AC Overcurrent Protection Yes
AC Short Circuit Protection Yes
DC Reverse Connection Yes
Surge Arrester DC Type II/AC Type II
Insulation Detection Yes
Leakage Current Protection Yes
AFCI Optional
PID Recovery Optional
PV String Monitoring Yes
Night Load Consumption Monitoring Optional
Topology Transformerless
IP Rating IP66
Night Self Consumption <10W (Standard)
Cooling Fan cooling
Operating Temperature Range -25℃-60℃
Relative Humidity Range 0-100%
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m
Dimensions (W*H*D) 936mm*678mm *365mm
Weight 91.5Kg 92Kg
Display Wireless & APP+LED, LCD (Optional)
Communication RS 485, Optional: WiFi/GPRS/4G/LAN
Safety IEC 62109-1,IEC 62109-2
Grid Code EN 50549-1/-2, IEC 61727/62116, VDE-AR-N 4105, CEI 0-21/16, UNE 206006/206007-1, UNE 217001
Warranty 5 Years