Residential Inverter

Single Phase Product

SE 2/3/3.6KTL-S1/G2

SE 4/5/6KTL-D1/G2

SE 7/8/10KTL-D1

Three Phase Product

SE 5-15KTL-D3/G2

In the field of household products, Senergy introduced a new series of single-phase products for residential use, covering the power range of 2KW to 15KW.

The new model inherits the company outstanding R&D gene with higher reliability and safety, and greater power generation density in smaller sizes. Its maximum efficiency reaches up to 98.4%, which can perfectly be compatible with the single-phase high-power application scenarios.

Residential Inverter

A residential inverter, also known as a home inverter, is an electronic device used to convert direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. It is commonly used in homes to power various electrical appliances and devices that require AC power.

The need for residential inverters arises in situations where the electricity supply is primarily generated from sources like solar panels, wind turbines, or batteries, which produce DC electricity. Since most household appliances and electrical devices operate on AC power, the inverter bridges the gap between the DC source and the AC load.

  • SE 2/3/3.6KTL-S1
  • SE 4/5/6KTL-D1
  • SE 2/3/3.6KTL-S1/G2 (New)
  • SE 4/5/6KTL-D1/G2 (New)
  • SE 7/8/10KTL-D1 (New)


  • Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • Max String Current 20A , compatible with 600W+ modules
  • 150% PV configuration , 110% output overload
  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof, C5 anti-corrosion
  • DC /AC SPD, AFCI detection optional
  • Remote configuration and upgrade
  • Supports export power control