Senergy Shines a Light on ODM Service and Showcases Next-Generation PV Inverters at Canton Fair 2023

Senergy, a world-leading ODM service provider for solar inverters and storage solutions, showcased its latest on-grid and hybrid inverters at the 133rd China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), held from April 15 to 20 in Guangzhou, China. The company’s presence at the fair (Hall 9.3 E31-32) fully demonstrated its cutting-edge PV inverter technology and robust ODM manufacturing capabilities to a global audience.

The Canton Fair is w   idely regarded as the barometer and weather-vane of China’s foreign trade. This year’s event marked a significant milestone as the first fully resumed offline exhibition since the pandemic. With an unprecedented scale and display level, the exhibition attracted over 30,000 domestic and foreign enterprises, and buyers from more than 220 countries and regions. Among the exhibitors, Senergy stood out with its comprehensive product portfolio and leading-edge technology. The SE 5KTL, SE 5-30KTL and SE 100KTL on-grid inverters, along with the SE 3.6-6KHB, SE 5/6/8/10KHB-D3 hybrid inverters, captured the attention of visitors with their outstanding performance and innovative features.

  • Focusing on ODM customization to become trusted partners of global leading brands

PV inverter is an integral component of the entire power generation system, responsible for efficient power conversion. Senergy always attaches great importance on continuous innovation and process improvement to deliver superior quality and high-performance PV inverter products. Guided by a team of PhD experts with more than 15 years of experience in PV product development, Senergy has established a dynamic R&D team with exceptional innovation capabilities, and holds a number of core patents in areas such as product structure design, current limiting protection, driving circuit, efficiency improvement, and process innovation. This extensive expertise enables Senergy to develop efficient and energy-saving PV system solutions. At the process level, Senergy’s manufacturing base boasts an industry-leading, highly automated production line platform, a fast and customizable standardized process, as well as a stringent quality management system to ensure excellence at every stage of the product development and production process.

Additionally, Senergy offers various ODM cooperation patterns to cater to the diverse needs from customers. The company provides rapid product development solutions that include customizable menus, standard processes and quick customization systems to support full product customization, ranging from appearance customization, logo customization, APP customization to monitoring page customization. Moreover, Senergy considers the cost aspects of customized on-grid and hybrid inverters, including the cost of certificates required for customization, and the cost of customized monitoring systems to ensure comprehensive and cost-effective solution.


  • Establishing a double-engine growth strategy with pioneering technology and outstanding performance

Taking SE 7-10KTL D1P for instance, one of the key products on display, features a maximum conversion efficiency of up to 98.2%, PV configuration up to 150% and output overload up to 110%. This exceptional power generation efficiency will greatly enhance the yield of the PV system. In addition, this product supports a maximum of 20A current string, making it highly compatible with a wide range of high-power modules and other module devices.

At Senergy, safety is always given the highest priority. The company’s inverters are designed to provide optimal safety and protection for users. They adopt IP65 waterproof and dustproof design, and C5 anti-corrosion protection, ensuring strong waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion performance that can withstand harsh outdoor environments. They also apply advanced AC/DC lightning protection (SPD) and AFCI technology, enabling the products to resist lightning strikes and detect system arc faults in time, thereby minimizing the risk of fire. Moreover, Senergy’s products can operate continuously and stably in a wide voltage range and high harmonic grid environment, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Senergy’s hybrid inverters also offer exceptional performance. For instance, hybrid inverter SE 5/6/8/10KHB-D3 is designed with IP65 water and dust resistance as well as C5 corrosion protection, and utilizes advanced AFCI technology and a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) device. What sets this series apart, is its maximum PV efficiency of 98.4%. It supports up to 15KW PV power input and multiple parallel use, accommodates modules up to 20A, and has 200% PV panel overmatching capacity.  These features enable the inverters to achieve maximum power generation efficiency and make them ideal for diverse application scenarios.

The energy storage component of the hybrid inverters also drew significant attention at the fair. Senergy’s SE 5/6/8/10KHB-D3 series products all support high-voltage battery access with a voltage range of150V to 600V, and can handle 20A~30A input current with up to 110% output overload and 98% charge/discharge efficiency. In on-grid/off-grid modes, the device employs 50% unbalance control of three phases, allowing it to switch to off-grid mode within 10 minutes in case of grid abnormalities and provide uninterrupted power supply (UPS) for critical loads. The balanced output in both modes also minimizes the power fluctuation. This series of inverters offers various operating modes and customer-defined settings that maximize energy management efficiency and self-consumption of PV power in homes.

Senergy’s strategy of establishing a double-engine growth ambition, combined with its industry-leading ODM manufacturing strength, has provided the company with a significant market advantage in global competition. The new manufacturing base in Shenzhen is set to commence operations in 2023 with a subsequent capacity expansion up to 10GW. This growth trajectory positions Senergy to dedicate itself to the research and development of global green energy technologies. Senergy is committed to contributing to the global “Double Carbon” goal with more innovative, reliable, and pioneering products and services to empower green living.


About Senergy

Shenzhen Senergy Technology Co., Ltd., the wholly-owned subsidiary of Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD), is a high-tech solar energy company that supports customers to steer their next-generation PV inverters with end-to-end design, research and development, manufacturing and services – all under one roof. By combining over 35 years of experience in power electronic products management and nearly 20 years of expertise in PV inverter development and manufacturing, Senergy provides flexible and diverse cooperation models to support rapid customized system and to help customers to succeed. We offer a wide portfolio of products ranging from on-grid inverters to hybrid models to meet the requirements of local, national and international standards.

Senergy is committed to providing customers with highly competitive and value-added products and technical services through continuous innovation. We will continue living up to our promise in lower-carbon footprint and unwaveringly moving towards the green future.