Senergy & STMicroelectronics Technology Day Powering the New Energy Future

Recently, Senergy, the leading inverter ODM manufacturer in China, and STMicroelectronics (hereinafter referred to as “ST”), the world’s leading semiconductor powerhouse, held a Technology Day centering on semiconductor applications for inverters at Senergy’s headquarter in Shenzhen. Lisa Ren, General Manager, and Richard Liu, Vice General Manager responsible for R&D from Senergy, joined forces with Francesco Muggeri, Vice President of STMicroelectronics, to steer this dynamic collaboration. R&D specialists, leaders, purchasing representatives, and other functional leaders from both companies came together, infusing the event with their expertise and energy. This event marked a significant milestone in the partnership between Senergy and ST, unveiling a strategic collaboration to tap into inverter technology breakthroughs.

The inverter, a meticulous fusion of semiconductor power devices and inverter drive/control circuits, finds its beating heart in the IGBT power semiconductor device – a core component of the PV inverter. ST, a pioneer and trailblazer in technology innovation, is unwavering in its dedication to advancing the semiconductor technology. Renowned for its extensive experience, ST proudly stands as one of the “Troika” of European semiconductor. Known for embodying the ethos of life.augmented, ST offers solutions in smart mobility, smart power and energy, and IoT and connectivity, with an ambition to build a smarter, greener, and more sustainable future. In the semiconductor arena, ST is recognized as an “expert” and a long-term strategic partner for a multitude of enterprises in electronic power and new energy.

The joint hosting of this semiconductor technology exchange event will further foster innovation in the Silicon Carbide power module of inverter, accelerating the robust development of the photovoltaic industry.


This exchange session took a deep dive into market analysis, technological innovation, and energy system associated with semiconductor and new energy. Combined with a wealth of semiconductor application theories, ST showcased cutting-edge innovations in power semiconductor devices, products and solutions. The showcase captivated the R&D team of Senergy, leading them to actively participate in on-site operations and thorough discussions. Moreover, both parties delved into profound exchanges and discussions on critical technologies in the realm of new energy circuit current, such as safety drive, quality control, components, silicon power switch technology, and power control mechanism. These discussions were aimed at improving energy efficiency and maximizing the utilization of renewable energy resources.

During this immersive technical exchange day, the R&D team of Senergy gained a deeper understanding of iterative upgrades in semiconductor technology. The exchange was a dynamic event where both sides meticulously compared the present technical challenges confronting semiconductors and new energy. Their exploration even went beyond, extending into the realm of future possibilities. Both parties dedicated themselves to uncovering safer, smarter, and more stable solutions for cutting-edge product upgrade.

Looking ahead, Senergy and ST will continue to maintain close cooperation, leveraging their unique strengths. They will persist in delving into profound semiconductor cooperation, exchanging technical discussions, and accelerating inverter technological innovation. Both companies pledge their dedication to providing robust technical support for inverter safety and reliability, contributing to the evolution of new energy.